We are a small and agile interior design studio with a resourceful, creative approach to interiors. October Studios coax out the inherent beauty, humour and nobility from even humble materials. With a special interest in high quality, ethically sourced woods, natural fabrics and leathers, colour, texture and truthfulness, October Studios uses materials used in an honest and unostentatious ways. We collaborate with a trusted network of specialist craftspeople as passionate about materials and quality as we are. We aim always to work for no toxic load.

Reducing toxic materials in the home and workplace can improve wellbeing and productivity. Plants are an important element in any of our projects. Planting is proven to clean and oxygenate the air in our living and working spaces. Our aim is to create sustainable, beautiful and energetically clean spaces, which are as timeless as they are easy to maintain. We are inspired by a client’s aesthetic and ethical brief. We can realise the bare bones of what that company is about and bring it to life in the lived space. We will work to bring your values to life with an overall interior vision. We aim for a homely and clean feel, an interior to enjoy that reflects the conscience and the dispositions of our clients. You will feel comfortable in the space from day one.

More than ever before are our living and working spaces serving several purposes simultaneously, trends are moving more towards flexible working so there is importance in creating practical yet comfortable spaces that reflect these new working habits and patterns.

Our professional approach is firstly one of investigation and research; getting to know our clients and the spaces they inhabit. This knowledge is distilled through a series of creative processes which would be put together in an initial presentation. As a client feeds back to us we can further understand what works for them (and importantly, what doesn’t) Our design process begins with raw and creative concepts that can be refined until they clearly reflect the expectations of a client so there are no surprises along the way. We offer consultation (anything from colour consultancy to space planning, to general look and feel), materials and furniture sourcing, project management (costing, scheduling, liaising with contractors) We strive to fulfil all our projects through meticulous and thorough planning. October Studios brings idiosyncratic concepts and practical solutions to any project. We like to say yes and always try to find a way to make things happen.