We started with 22,000 sq ft of open plan space and the main objective was to keep the space uncluttered and crisp, offsetting with an abundance of statement planting. Layering traditional materials and textures through woven flooring, weathered terracotta pots, natural distressed leathers, bespoke furniture with waney timber edges in smoked oak, walnut, antiqued brass and bronze collectively induce laid back character and warmth.  The wicker hanging chairs in the ‘floating garden’ offer a peaceful contemplation space overlooking the river below, as do the other ‘garden’ spaces, with areas of dense planting for informal privacy. Colours are influenced by natural elements: cool watery blues, sandy and golden yellows, slate greys, earth browns and layers of plant greens. To counteract these organic features we drew some early inspiration from vintage decorative ceramic tiles and worked with graphic designers A Side Studio to create a patterned wallpaper which we could apply in a variety of ways throughout the space.